I am offering you something completely new, a project that brings together the world of art and business, my two passions. Through art and painting, the project Eyes Art Open helps you open your mind and heart and more fully express your needs, expectations, and business ideas or build communication maps.

Eyes Art Open was created from the need of the heart: while working as a trainer and coach in the business world, helping people to develop, I have noticed that art, especially painting, is a great way to accelerate this development, increase the self-awareness that managers need, or build an effective team together.

How does it work in practice?

Together with the team, we define what we want to focus on, it may be building a harmonious, effectively cooperating team, defining a goal for the whole department, or resolving a conflict. I provide participants with all the necessary materials and moderate the group during the workshop. No previous painting experience is necessary!

The effects of such work have been hanging on the wall of several companies, reminding them what kind of team they want to be every day.

If you are a person who likes to have fun, open up, create, and at the same time find a solution to a burning problem – then my project is definitely for you!

Come and join me!